Welcome at the site of De Coach! De Coach offers tailor-made coaching and career counseling as well as advice and training. Above you find information about coaching, career development, requests for coaching sessions and more information about the way you can work with De Coach.

Do you have a question for me about how I could contribute to your organisation? I invite you to contact me directly by phone 0624812860 or email info@decoach.com


Career counseling

Coaching helps you to gain insight into the behavioural patterns that block you. What are your pitfalls and your talents? It helps you to explore alternative ways to deal with difficult situations. By means of an open conversation, practice and feedback you investigate your experiences and strengthen your behaviour. You learn to utilise your talents better and to improve your performance. Coaching enables you to work with more pleasure and more self-confidence and effectiveness.

The questions ‘who am I, what do I want, what are my skills’ form the start of individual Career Development. Goal of the sessions is: work that suits you!

Results: *Insights into talents and strengths *Pitfalls, possibilities and limitations are clear *Tools for an active approach to find work that fits you *Rediscovered pleasure during the process


Who is De Coach?

Eva Janssen is a Registered Work and Organisational Psychologist NIP (the professional body of Dutch Psychologists). She works with profit and non-profit organisations and with entrepreneurs.

Eva has twenty years of experience with coaching and training of managers and employees. Her coaching is result oriented and personal.