Results Coaching

*More self-insight *Better coping with stress *More self-confidence *Able to resolve conflicts *Better presentation/improved profile *Better communication skills

Experimenting with behaviour happens, for example, in role plays and the coach gives direct feedback. De coach is also a sparring partner. You will be reflecting on your own work situation in the coaching sessions.


Frequently asked questions

A coaching course consists of an intake and take between five to eight coaching sessions of one and a half hour. In the intake we formulate goals. These are usually being checked at the commissioning company or discussed at the start of the coaching course with the manager. After this, De Coach writes a proposal. After a ‘yes’, the coaching sessions start off. In between sessions, you will practice new behaviours and attitudes and will be given specific tasks to practice with.

Sessions take place in the office of De Coach in Amsterdam. Halfway and after the sessions an evaluation of the coaching takes place.

What kind of leadership style suits me?

I need to develop new skills for my job.

I have hidden qualities that I want to develop, how do I do that?

One of my subordinates has to learn to get results via others and to make others more enthusiastic.

I would like to learn to cope better with pressure and stress.

I would like a better work-life balance