Career Development

The questions ‘who am I, what do I want, what are my skills’ form the start of individual Career Development. Goal of the sessions is: work that suits you!

Results: *Insights into talents and strengths *Pitfalls, possibilities and limitations are clear *Tools for an active approach to find work that fits you *Rediscovered pleasure during the process

What will we be doing in Career Development?


In career counseling we reflect on personal values, wishes and strengths or weaknesses. Through talking, feedback, reflection on past working, and work assignments and assessments -if desired you get tests-, you get a clear picture of your skills and talents.

De Coach encourages you to think things through, helps to structure and discusses with you what kind of conclusions can be drawn from the assignments. She also stimulates action and reflection. If you take part in career counseling,  you actively use market strategies that fit with the direction you chose to take.


Career Development takes between three to nine months. In an intake session we define the goals you are aiming for and the coach writes a proposal. When agreed, the sessions start. The duration of a session is one and a half hour. They take place at the office of De Coach in Amsterdam.